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I'm still sick so I try to stay home as much as possible so I'll get better soon..I just have this really bad cough, I'm just drinking lots of tea, and that seems to help
Yesterday it was my friend's birthday and we went to eat hotpot, that was fun, and I love 's delicious and it's great if there are lots of people, then you can order different things. Somebody also ordered pig's brain, so I tried a tiny bit, but I didn't really like it that much, I guess it's the thought of eating brain, altough that's really stupid, but yeah, well the taste wasn't that great either...
And tomorrow I'm going shopping to buy a birthday present for another friend, his birthday is on Saturday. Lots of birthdays in December!!
8.12.04 12:15

I?m still alive
My life has been pretty eventful these last days, amazing what I?ve been up to?.I worked as a movie extra. That was an interesting experience, the movie is called ?White Countess? and Ralph Fiennes is the main character. Well, I was only there for one day, in the evening as well, but still I enjoyed it, sometimes it?s really boring because you just wait for everything to start but the money you get paid is worth all the trouble, and of course seeing Ralph Fiennes is also nice

And I went to this cool shopping place with a friend, they just have tons of clothes there and it?s pretty cheap, so I just bought some stuff. Originally I had wanted to go camping with a bunch of people during the weekend and then we would also go climbing and stuff, some Chinese students organized it?so I bought hiking boots and that kinda stuff, but shopping is always fun!
Yeah, and if I?d gone camping it would have been even better, but on Thursday evening I got really sick so I just stayed at home during the whole weekend. I?m glad about that decision, my friends told me they went into two caves climbing and it was wet and dangerous?but they had fun.
Just had a relaxed weekend, trying to get better, slept a lot, read some books, actually for the book reading part I only had one book left where I was almost finished?so I finished reading that and then I went back to sleep, woke up, went back to sleep?but when I felt a bit better I just started watching some movies?and my roommate took good care of me, being very considerate, and she bought lots of fruits for me and she told me to drink lots of tea

Today I feel a great deal better, but I still try to relax so that I will be really 100%fit again. That?s why I?m rather glad that my friend doesn?t want to travel to Qingdao and Dalian this week?she has to work and I want to be healthy again before I go travel around and then to such cold places!!
Actually, I?ve always been intrigued by the thought of travelling to the North Pole, it seems like such a fascinating place, or just going to Siberia or Alaska?but I?m not sure how I would survive there, I feel cold really easily. That?s a huge problem if you go to these places, but I?m sure if I wear lots of clothes it should be okay, and of course you get used to the cold once you?re there?.
7.12.04 10:03

I haven't writtem in here for quite a while...i was just busy. My mum and my sis came to visit me so we went to Hangzhou and Suzhou for a day, that was awesome, I will put the pics up soon!!
Yeah, it' s nice to got to other places besides Shanghai but it's not always easy to find people to travel weekend i also wanna go to another places, to putuo shan, it's supposedly really beautiful and hoepfully some other people also wanna go there, otherwise it's no fun if you go there by yourself...
Yeah, my chinese is also improving and i want to try to change my major next semester so that i can study int'l relations, that way i can get credits for my studies in Germany. That would be great and they even offer some courses, but I'm not sure if that will really work out...
17.11.04 10:23

Well, we\'re not going to Qingdao , but then we will go to Nanjing for a few days, that should be pretty cool as well!!! And now I can finally go to the Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Art Museum, I\'ve wanted to go there for quite some time now but I was always too tomorrow I wanna go there, if the museums are open

So, today I didn\'t do anything really, I thought we would leave at 4pm so when we decided at 2pm that we wouldn\'t go I just chatted with some friends I haven\'t talked to for a while, that was nice as well.

Yeah, today the weather was yucky...raining the whole time and quite stormy as well....but tomorrow it\'s supposed to be better, we\'ll see
1.10.04 16:09

Ahhh, my bike got stolen, that really sux
Hm, tomorrow we\'re going to Qingdao but I\'m not sure yet if I still wana go cuz now there are only 4 people left, me, two other german guys and a korean guy...before we were 6 people, but then they didn\'t have enough, yeah I\'ll see if I go....or if I wanna stay in Shanghai and explore Shanghai and also go to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Nanjing, that\'s also a pretty cool plan
30.9.04 13:26

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